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manifestation, intentionality, and evolution: the cybergypsy speaks!

June 20, 2007


Yesterday I told you about Digital Divide and the laptop they donated to the rtr project (that would be this blog, the wiki, the classes, and all suchlike empowering activities). Today I’d like to put that in perspective and talk about what it means in the context of the universe and all of the esoteric […]

what is your biggest timewaster?

June 13, 2007


I found you an interesting post: the Productivity 501 blog has interviewed more productivity experts than you can shake a Blackberry at, and has compiled the ultimate master list of the biggest timewasters, according to the experts. See if you can identify yourself in any of these scenarios, and think about ways to not be […]

what’s your horse in the country?

May 18, 2007


This is a beautiful song about freedom deferred, and a thought-provoking lesson in the sacrifices people make on a daily basis, putting their dreams aside or squashing them into the corners of their lives rather than giving up what they’ve settled for to chase what they love. It’s never easy to find that balance; it is always worth […]


April 24, 2007


Read the last post. Does this remind you of you? It’s critical to define the changes we want to make in our lives and in ourselves before embarking on the journey of change. The goals may indeed shift while we’re working towards them and become more self-aware, but without a direction to move, we can […]