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what’s your horse in the country?

May 18, 2007


This is a beautiful song about freedom deferred, and a thought-provoking lesson in the sacrifices people make on a daily basis, putting their dreams aside or squashing them into the corners of their lives rather than giving up what they’ve settled for to chase what they love. It’s never easy to find that balance; it is always worth […]

the F word: a post for kids and parents

May 18, 2007


This is a guest post from judyb12 at the tween-oriented chicablog. Kids quite naturally think about the big issues as easily as they think about the small issues, and it’s never too early to introduce them to feminism, which is in its purest form a straightforward anti-bigotry movement. It’s a great topic for parents to […]

the beautiful women project

May 14, 2007


  cross-posted from raincoaster What causes art? In this case, it’s simple: a child’s desire for mutilation. Do 13-year-olds really need to be saving their babysitting and paper route money for breast implants? Cheryl-Ann Webster wondered that herself, when her daughter told her that a friend was already socking away money for the boobflation job she […]

what’s Mom worth?

May 7, 2007


Stolen from Guy Kawasaki (welcome to the blogroll, Guy) who stole it from Reuters, who stole it from, here’s a nifty little calculator to determine how much a mother’s work is actually worth, if you were hiring people to do all of that instead. Sure, it’s timed to make news just before Mother’s Day, […]