the F word: a post for kids and parents

Posted on May 18, 2007


mother and babyThis is a guest post from judyb12 at the tween-oriented chicablog. Kids quite naturally think about the big issues as easily as they think about the small issues, and it’s never too early to introduce them to feminism, which is in its purest form a straightforward anti-bigotry movement. It’s a great topic for parents to discuss with their kids.

We stongly believe that the problem is never difference: the problem is bigotry.


Feminism has a bad rap these days, which it may or may not have earned (depending on who you ask); the fact is, however, a feminist is just someone who believes women are equal to men.

Being a feminist does not mean you think women are better than men. Males and females are able to make the same mistakes, indulge in self-destructive behaviors, and hurt others. Oh, don’t forget, boys can be feminists, too.

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