Presenting: Your Humble Editor, at Social Media Camp May 5-7 in Victoria

Posted on April 5, 2016


Come see me at Social Media Camp. Click through to the original post to get your discount code worth $100 off tickets plus a free lunch with yours truly. And I pick GOOD restaurants!

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Kittens explain social media, they explain everything. Kittens explain social media, they explain everything.

Yes kittens, I’m headed back to the #YYJ for another Social Media Camp, Canada’s largest social media conference, in gorgeous downtown Victoria. I know that’s a cliche, but it’s literally true and I don’t know anyone who isn’t thrilled at an excuse to go to this spectacular city.

This year I’ll be speaking on Marketing the Mystery; in other words, how to use social media to drum up interest in something when you’re not actually allowed to say what it is. I’m using the @WhatsPineApple campaign that we’re running for Steve Wozniak as my specific material here. What’s PineApple? All will be revealed by Woz at the Business Rocks conference in Manchester, April 21-22, which means I’ll finally be free to talk about it by the time Social Media Camp rolls around.

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I may or may not also be doing…

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