Attention Vancouver: INCOMING!

Posted on May 2, 2014



Behold the Big Smoke

Behold the Big Smoke

After an all-too-brief sojourn at an ecovillage on Vancouver Island, I’m headed back to the Big Smoke for the summer. Yes, I’ll still be in East Van, just a lot closer to Metrotown than to Oakridge this time. Time for me to ping my media contacts and get myself booked on some things to talk about: weev and his Troll LLC hedge fund, the Death of Bitcoin, the Rise of Dogecoin, the fabled Sikrit Projekt, and one or two other nifty things. And to set up some workshops as well.

It’s good, after more than a year of uncertainty and hyper-mobility, to be able to say Yes. Yes, I will be at your birthday party in a month. And the like.