Job Listings: Today in Crap Job Listings, BEYONCE!

Posted on April 5, 2014


UPDATE: The pay is a joke. As in an actual April Fool’s joke. The ad is fake. The job, however exists. Would you take it?


As regular readers know, I post a lot of sweet job opportunities here. Today I’m posting the opposite.

This is bad, people. This is really, really bad. This is not as bad as Arianna Huffington auctioning off an internship to the highest bidder, but it’s still bad.

Beyonce, with a net worth estimated at $350,000,000 and a husband worth about $500,000,000, is offering YOU YES YOU the chance to do social media work for her all summer, fighting the Streisand Effect by emailing websites, insisting they take down unflattering pictures of your boss.

For free. Well, for selfies.

Three, to be specific.

Yes, three selfies with your boss. And all the Pepsi products your gastrointestinal system can handle. I don’t know about yours, but mine can’t even handle the word “collegiettes.” Nothing like an unpaid internship with a side of condescending sexism.

Don't all rush in at once

Don’t all rush in at once

Don’t even START with the “this is a great education” stuff. This job? Is scut work. If you want to do scut work, you should at least get paid.