Talking Bitcoin on Ricky Shetty’s DaddyBlogger TV!

Posted on March 14, 2014


Ricky Shetty

Ricky Shetty and family

Ricky Shetty is a tireless connector, networker, and internet powerhouse who has, like many people who have these skill sets, decided to integrate his work and his non-work life more directly, and the result: He asked me a few days ago if I’d do a Google Hangout, so I said yes and the power promptly went out at the ecovillage where my #OpHippie lifestyle is taking place.

Take two: today. Today we managed to keep the electricity running for long enough that Ricky could do a brief interview with me about, you guessed it, Bitcoin! He’s a great interviewer, so this was easy. I hope you like it. And don’t forget to check out the workshops coming next week in Victoria (March 20th) and Vancouver (March 23rd). Registration in advance only: no walk-ins, please.