Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Crime, and Identity: a radio roundup

Posted on March 10, 2014


Sean Leslie by Kris Krug

Sean Leslie by Kris Krug

Here is my latest appearance on CKNW with Sean Leslie, talking Bitcoin. It was a busy week, with the continuing MtGox fallout, the hacking and closure of Flexcoin, and Newsweek’s purported discovery of the “real” Satoshi Nakamoto (wait, that part actually got cut. But it was funny, trust me). Enjoy?

And in case Dropbox is still being a bitch with the file, here’s your download link.

And here are some of my earlier appearances on the Simi Sara show.

Simi Sara by Kris Krug

Simi Sara by Kris Krug

February 3rd.

Download Link (ditto Dropbox Remarks Above)

and January 17th.

Download Link (Dropbox Remarks as per Above)