Worthwhile Workshop Alert! Alanna Fero’s Self-Creation 2012: Awareness in Action

Posted on January 9, 2012


Alanna Fero

Alanna Fero

I don’t pimp out too many workshops here, other than my own (and my new one with Mike Vardy, coming soon in February!). Exceptions are worth making, however, for a few of my friends who are also my own guides: Linda Naiman being one, and Alanna Fero being another.

When I took a job after years of self-employment, moving 3/4 of the way to the North Pole to take it, only to be laid off three weeks later, it was Alanna’s book Love Made Visible: Values-Driven Approaches to Work/Lifethat I read to get back on my feet again. And it helps, believe me.

Alanna has a workshop coming up, so I thought I’d pass along the info and the plug, because she’s eminently plug-worthy. Which is more complimentary than it sounds, I swear.

You see why I’m not in PR?

Alanna Fero 2012 Workshop

Alanna Fero 2012 Workshop

Here’s the deets:


Dialogue | Guided Meditation | Processing & Integration | Action Planning

Please join me for an intimate 3-hour visioning and strategy workshop which will call in spiritual guidance to clarify your authentic path and then work on practical strategies to both integrate your vision into your life today and take steps to manifest your ideal future.

I’m offering 3 separate dates and post-Christmas-friendly pricing to be as accessible as possible, as well as limiting attendance to just 10 participants to keep it cozy and have lots of time for each person.

BONUS! The first 5 people registered will also receive a one-hour in-person coaching strategy session to take their 2012 vision to the next level.

Choose ONE of these dates:

Tues Jan 17, 6:00-9:00pm – or – Wed Jan 18, 7:00-10:00pm – or – Sat Jan 21, 9:00am-noon

Each Visioning Circle Workshop is limited to 10 participants to ensure personalized attention, and you’ll love meeting and learning from your fellow explorers in the group. Your participation also includes detailed email feedback on your newly drafted 2012 plan the week following your 3-hour visioning workshop, an incredible value.

And to register, for one ticket, click here. For two tickets at a reduced price, click here. At $80 full price, this is a pretty damn unbeatable workshop, and that’s a fact.