Internet Uncut: Daryl Hatton of Fundrazr

Posted on November 23, 2011


Daryl Hatton at Fundrazr

Daryl Hatton at Fundrazr

Well, I’m just stone-cold chuffed. This one-shot, uncut video thang is going to be a semi-regular series, and I’m very pleased that we’re kicking this off with a worthy cause: Fundrazr!

Fundrazr is a Vancouver startup which allows people to leverage their social networks to raise money for worthy causes. One of the causes they’re working with is the Julian Assange legal defense fund, which is very interesting considering the Wikileaks financial blockade and OpPayback.

From the Legal Defence Fund Facebook:

This fund is to pay for Wikileaks staff and Julian’s legal fees and is not part of WikiLeak’s core publishing operations. Therefore, it is not affected by the current banking blockage by Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Bank of America and Western Union.

The trust fund has been set up by the Julian Assange Defence Committee: John Pilger, Susan Benn and Prof. Gavin MacFadyen and the accounting firm Derek Rothera and Company LLP. It pays Julian’s and all WikiLeaks Staff legal expenses when possible.

You can contribute to this fund by clicking “Give” below.

Even though Julian is WikiLeak’s Editor in Cheif, donations to the fund can only be used to pay Julian’s and other WikiLeaks Staff legal campaign fees – none of the money will be used to fund the core operations of WikiLeaks.

Follow the link on the banner at the top of this campaign for complete details of the terms of the fund. For more information, view the web site for the fund at by clicking on the name of the fund to the left <—.

Payments are processed via an agreement with PayPal – you can pay with a credit card or a PayPal account.

Please tell your friends via Facebook, email and on Twitter about this fund and how they can help.

£97,532.21 raised

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But enough from me. Now let’s talk to the founder, Daryl Hatton.