Speaking at Yellowknife Rotary

Posted on September 6, 2011


Rotary Club Yellowknife

Rotary Club Yellowknife

Yes, it’s back in the saddle for me: I’ll be speaking at the Yellowknife Rotary Club meeting at the Top Knight 5:30-6:30 this Thursday, September 8.

It’ll just be a brief introduction: who I am, what I’m doing in Yellowknife, and hopefully by then I’ll have scheduled an afternoon to teach Social Media for Business and Social Media for Political Campaigns so I can let people know when those will be. If I talk really fast, I might hae time to go over some examples of my students in Vancouver and Victoria.

On the 18th it’s off to Vancouver (a 17-hour-flight, imagine my joy!) for Social Media Week. After that, who knows?

UPDATE: forget social media “guru” types. Apparently, I’m a Social Media Goddess!