Google Calendars: Now with more embeddability goodness!

Posted on May 11, 2011


A calendar like a clock

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This should save me a helluva lotta time. has now made it easy to embed a Google Calendar right in your blog: the iframe code that Google gives you automatically converts to a shortcode, thusly:

Now, let’s see how that works. IF that works. For lo, the Happiness Engineers have promised me that it will. You can even tweak privacy settings if you want, which I do not for lo, I want everyone in the world to see my workshops and sign up!

[pimpage warning: There’s a 25% discount on my workshops for registered attendees of Northern Voice this coming weekend and/or Social Media Camp in Victoria in June. I always give discounts to attendees of conferences at which I’m speaking]

The instructions are simple: for a public calendar, just go to Calendar->Calendar Details and under Embed This Calendar, copy the code. Paste it in your post and you’re good to go! If your calendar is ongoing, as mine is, you’ll probably want it on a separate, static Page. Here are the more detailed instructions, if you require them.


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