Drupal in a Day November 27

Posted on November 13, 2010


Darth Drupal tees by kk

Drupaleers model Darth Drupal tees, photographed by kk

Much as I tease the Drupalites for their blind adoration of a platform with the world’s worst user interface, I do acknowledge that Drupal is a powerful tool, and have always been curious about it. This looks like an amazing opportunity to learn how to get a Drupal site up and running in one day. Here are the details, which I got off Twitter:

Eventbrite ticket: $10


FCV Offices
1100-333 Seymour St.
Vancouver, British Columbia

The Vancouver Drupal In A Day Workshop is a hands-on introduction to building a web site using the free, open-source content management system Drupal. We will cover questions like “What can Drupal do?”, “Why choose Drupal?”, and general concepts of on-line content management with a database behind your web site. Then we’ll work through the basics of setting up a Drupal site.

This workshop is suitable for Drupal beginners.

The Drupal in a Day Workshop is presented by the Vancouver Drupal User Group.


Attendees must provide their own computers with wireless connection and working web browser.


  • People attending the workshop will come away with a good understanding of what Drupal does and what types of sites it can be used for.
  • They will be exposed to the basics of building a site in Drupal.
  • They will be exposed to the modules most people use to build Drupal sites.


9:00 AM to 10 AM: Sign in, set up

Attendees will be asked to install website software before the course. Please arrive at 9:00 AM to get help. If you already have a clean Acquia Drupal site running, you can arrive at 9:45 AM to sign in and get settled.

10 AM – 10:45 AM – Introduction to Drupal – Presentation

  • Introduce leader and volunteers.
  • What is content management, and what can a content management system (CMS) do?
  • Site showcase – what Drupal can do, what it’s really good for
  • Why choose Drupal? Why not choose Drupal?
  • Drupal terminology
  • Modules (core and contributed) and themes – where to get them and what they do
  • File directory structure of Drupal

10:45 AM – 11:30 AM – Getting started with Drupal – Hands on

  • Enabling modules
  • Changing and configuring the theme
  • Setting up automatic URL aliases
  • Creating “Page” content
  • Setting your site’s home page, and other settings on the Site Information page
  • Editing the Primary Links menu


11:45 PM – 12:45 PM – Content types / CCK – Hands on

  • Create a custom content type “Photo”, with image and text fields
  • Adjust settings for the content type on the Display Fields screen
  • Taxonomy
  • Create some content for this content type
  • Set up ImageCache to control how photos are displayed


1:45 PM – 2:45 pm – Views and Blocks – Hands on

  • Use the Views module to create a photo gallery
  • Use the Views menu to create a Latest Photo block
  • Arrange and configure blocks


3 PM – 4:30 PM – Additional Topics and Wrap-up – Demo, presentation, discussion