Getting my Judgmental On at Vancouver Startup Weekend!

Posted on October 10, 2010


Startup Weekend Vancouver

Startup Weekend Vancouver

Sometimes I feel like I’m in some unnamed industry other than social media training, because ALL my best professional opportunities seem to happen in pubs.

Last night, for instance, I was hanging out at the Alibi Room and got invited to come talk to Vancouver Startup Weekend about social media for startups. By the time I woke up this morning (well, this afternoon) the invite had morphed into “nobody’s going to have time to listen to a talk, why don’t you be one of the judges instead?” which is, it must be admitted, quite an honour. Although I’ve known everyone at BootupLabs for years, I’ve never actually set foot on the premises, and am looking forward to eyeballing the palatial abode of BC’s premier incubator.

Unfortunately, because of the timing, I won’t be able to make Mike Yurechko‘s simultaneous Hackathon at the Network Hub.

As we all know, I’m completely judgmental, so who is better qualified for tonight’s gig?