Meet the Geek this Tuesday

Posted on September 18, 2010


Watermelon Death Star

Watermelon Death Star Om Nom Nom Nom

Busy Tuesday night? Oh come on, who are you kidding? IT’S A TUESDAY NIGHT! Well, don’t worry; you won’t be stuck at home watching reruns and feeling like a minor character in a Cathy Comic: we’ve got a fabulous Meet the Geek dinner for you!

  • You’ll help raise money for a worthy cause: With Glowing Hearts, a homegrown documentary on the Downtown Eastside and social media use during the Olympics.
  • You’ll meet Andrew Lavigne and Jon Ornoy, the filmmakers from Animal Mother Films, as well as several of the stars including April Smith.
  • You’ll meet geeks! What could be more enticing? Okay: You’ll meet and chat with geeks without having to pay a fat social media consulting fee. Now you can finally ask someone who knows, “What is the freaking POINT of Twitter?”
  • You’ll enjoy a terrific two-course gourmet meal in Salt Cellar, the private dining room hidden deep under Blood Alley. Pretend you’re in Darth Vader’s conference room, preferably NOT being strangled.
  • Sit at the cool kids’s table!

The Details:

Register on Vancouver Food Tour at least two days in advance: the room will hold 40 maximum, so we expect this will fill up completely in advance. Don’t take a chance!

Proceeds of the dinner will go to complete post-production of With Glowing Hearts.

Everyone who buys a ticket to the dinner will be credited as a producer of the film! You can’t beat that for bragging rights at the bar on a Saturday night.

The event is produced by Social Media Club of Vancouver in association with Vancouver Food Tour, with photographs by Mananetwork Photography.

See you there!