Welcome to the first day of the rest of your unfinished novel….

Posted on September 13, 2010



As Darren Barefoot said on Twitter: Funny because true. But I’m looking at this and thinking I DESPERATELY WANT THAT WOMAN’S JOB. I mean, she knows she’s going to be fired within six months or a year, two if the company’s terribly inefficient or it is in fact the civil service, but in the meantime, she can send out a resume a day and work on her novel the rest of the time. When questioned, she can say she’s Strategizing in the first six months, and in the second, she’s “in development, pre-launch”. What could be better than pulling in sweet, juicy corporate dollars for doing absolutely nothing, while spending your time doing whatever you want as long as you do it on a computer at a desk?

Drink as much of their coffee as you can while you’re there, too, Sister!