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Posted on June 30, 2010


Big changes. BIG changes.

warp speed

Rrready for Warp Speed, Keptin!

First of all, this week we’ll be opening up a whole new lineup of courses for registration: courses are given both online and in person, so if you’re not in Vancouver or would prefer a once-a-week Skype conversation to a solid several hours of workshopping, we can hook you up. The full schedule will be up on the site by Monday, and will feature old favorites like Blogging for Beginners along with some business-focused courses and some new workshops on using social media tools.

Oh, did I mention I’m the new President of the Social Media Club of Vancouver? No? Well, I just did, so there. Come out and say hi in “meatspace” on July 1st, when the Social Media Club of Vancouver hosts Tech-Themed Karaoke at the On the Edge Pub on the edge of Gastown, 303 Columbia.

You can reply on Facebook or read the suggested social media song list on the SMCYVR site.

Third of all (we’re up to #3, aren’t we? Sure, why not?) this site,, will be moving off (I know, you thought it’d never happen) and onto the new Making My Life network from Bitwire Media. It’s a great honour to be invited to participate, and this will enable me to focus more on social media for people with multiple challenges like homelessness, etc. It will also let me start to experiment with videocasting and audiocasting in a way I couldn’t at And who knows? I could become the Oprah of social media.

Here’s an excerpt from the press release:

is proud to announce our upcoming launch of the later this month. Some of you may have heard rumors and noticed our new logo with the intriguing “The possibilities are endless,” and now it’s time to unveil the concept and announce we are looking for bloggers, podcasters, video hosts, volunteers and guest bloggers to join our exciting new network.

Making My Life launch page

Making My Life is a collaborative network of audio and video shows that merge with user-generated content to create a complete, well-rounded lifestyle resource and community. We’re focusing on the positive side of life, improving yourself whatever that looks like for you and your expertise.

We’re also creating this with WordPress 3.0 in a new way, offering a three-tier approach to connecting with worldwide audiences: via your own blog, the network itself, and an innovative category structure that groups like-content together under related topics, allowing your blog to reach out beyond the boundaries of its niche to a greater community.We’ve created a unique category structure of Making My Life to highlight content by topic such as:

  • Adventurous for travel and jumping off cliffs, figuratively and literally
  • Beautiful for bringing more beauty into your life, from makeovers to decorating to remodeling both you and your home
  • Creative for tips and techniques to help you live a more creative, artist, and crafty life
  • Family for parents, children, teens, adoption, family history, genealogy, and all the elements that define family
  • Green for the fresh eco-lifestyle with living, building, working, and growing green
  • Healthy for exercise, mental and physical health, medical insights and experiences, longevity, and all things that help us live wiser and longer
  • Modern for the high-tech world we live in, seen from different perspectives to help you cope with the changing world
  • Romance for all things relationship, from finding love, being in love, and learning how to keep love alive
  • Successful for life coaching, self-help, self-improvement, motivation, encouragement, and building a powerful life
  • Tasty for food, recipes, cooking, restaurant reviews, and food commentary
  • Wealthy for helping you understand that wealth means many things to different people, but we all need to pay the bills in the end
  • Wise for education and learning, embracing new ideas and concepts that keep us motivated and energized

There won’t be any more hyperlocal blogging or event announcements here, sadly; although I always do and always will support the local arts scene here in Vangroover, that function is better served by the other bloggers who are giving local issues and events their full attention, bloggers like Miss604, Cat Barr, and Hummingbird604.

So fasten your seatbelts and get ready for warp speeds!

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