When You Stare Into the Facebook, the Facebook Stares Also Into You

Posted on December 23, 2009


My year in facebook status updates

Nothing more nor less than it says: a year of my Facebook status updates, or at least most of a year of my Facebook status updates. Apparently I update rather too often to include all of them; imagine that!

In any case, it’s a cool app which I can recommend to all the exhibitionists I know.

It took some editing, but I managed to include the update that Facebook itself censored:

I specifically ordered a White Christmas. What the fuck, Jesus?

Now, I’m not familiar enough with the terms of service at Facebook to say whether or not vulgarity in proximity to Jesus is against their terms of service, but I’d be surprised if it were. After all, it is vulgarity we’re talking about here, not blasphemy.

And if Facebook is anti-vulgarity, why does Tila Tequila still have an account?

In any case, a lesson learned: just keep re-posting the damn thing and they’ll leave you alone, if only because they’re off somewhere else, censoring someone else.

my facebook necronomicomnomnom

my facebook necronomicomnomnom

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