Blogging for Writers: Surrey Writers’ School

Posted on November 9, 2009


Shakespeare was a blogger

Shakespeare was a blogger

I’ll be teaching this at the brand-spanking new Surrey Writers’ School this coming Spring. I’ve got several versions of this course, including a ten-week online one where we work through the exercises one by one together. This is an abbreviated version, focusing on the most efficient, results-oriented facets of blogging.

Here’s the precis:

Blogging for Writers

Learn how to get the most out of blogs for promotion, sales, networking and (unexpectedly) to improve your writing.

In this short course we’ll briefly cover setting up a blog, connecting with and managing an audience, using the blog for promotion and sales, and how a blog can make you a better writer. The discipline of a daily blogger is a prerequisite to developing a body of work that functions as your online portfolio. Use your blogging as a tool to develop a powerful, confident voice and tackle writing challenges in a low-pressure environment. Includes exercises and benchmarks to help you keep growing after the class ends.

Details about registration, date, etc, coming in January.

The list of books I consulted to make up the course is at the Shebeen Club blog.

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