LIVE 2009 Artist’s Call

Posted on October 3, 2009


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LIVE is coming – Emerging Artists call for Submission

LIVE2009 – October 15 to 31

Intervention street performances by emerging artists.
Curated by Ikbal Singh

Call for Submissions
In this fast paced society the noise of our environment can be deafening, languages blurring and our patience can wear.

Emerging artists have the opportunity to participate in LIVE2009 through public performances taking place outside the gallery walls, on Vancouver streets. In hear/say artists can propose to utter their say or receive others. They can either wander among the masses or sit on the flanks to offer an active ear to an unsuspecting public.

Submit details of your performance, the where what when how as well as a short artist statement and bio (both about 1 paragraph long) by email to info AT livebiennale DOT ca with “hear/say submission” in the subject line.

Submissions will be accepted throughout the festival.