Vancouver Bikenneal

Posted on October 1, 2009


Bike art

Bike art

Yes, yet another from emails. God, how I love email; how my life would be destroyed if Gmail ever failed me. And how I love WordPress, for making copy-paste considerably less self-destructive than it used to be to my poor little blog.

Like art? Like bikes? Like behaving yourself on the road like a responsible vehicle operator rather than a gibbering, confrontational yahoo (Hi, Critical Mass!)? Then you’ll like this. And if you don’t, please go back to training wheels.

BIKEnnale October 4, 2009

Celebrate art in public spaces with a day of cycling in the city! The Vancouver Biennale and MEC
Great Rides invite you on a cycle tour that will take you along some of Vancouver’s most beautiful
beaches and parks to explore the monumental outdoor sculptures of the Vancouver Biennale. For
more information visit or