Regional Campaign Organizer Job, Corporate Accountability International

Posted on August 18, 2009


Corporate Accountability International

Corporate Accountability International

From LinkedIn, and also on their website. Reply to jobs AT stopcorporateabuse DOT org.

For more than 30 years, Corporate Accountability International has successfully challenged corporations like GE, Nestlé, and Philip Morris to halt abusive practices that threaten public health, the environment and our democracy. Today our campaigns challenge the dangerous practices of some of the world’s most powerful industries. Think Outside the Bottle exposes the truth behind bottled water marketing and defends the human right to water in the face of increasing corporate control. Value [the] Meal challenges the fast food industry to stop driving an epidemic of diet-related disease, and our campaign Challenging Big Tobacco is blocking industry interference in health policies that protect our kids.

Corporate Accountability International is seeking experienced organizers to build our nationwide network of trained and committed activists taking on corporate power. Join us to recruit and mobilize the long-term political base and power needed to wage and win our corporate campaigns.

• Develop and run regional Think Outside the Bottle campaigns to pressure Governors, Mayors, restaurants and schools to curb bottled water use and invest in badly needed public water systems and infrastructure.
• Lead the national grassroots movement challenging McDonald’s and other fast food giants to stop driving an epidemic of diet-related diseases.
• Build and strengthen Corporate Accountability International’s power base, membership, and capacity to run effective campaigns through organizing Local Action Committees in major cities across the country.
• Recruit, train and mobilize members to lead campaign actions in their communities to hold transnational corporate targets accountable.
• Raise funds from current and prospective members – in person and over the phone – to support our campaigns.
• Develop leadership and strategic planning skills of local activists to mobilize volunteers, wage direct pressure campaigns, build strong coalitions, and conduct effective media outreach to expose and challenge corporate abuses.
• Keep accurate and up-to-date files, records, and systems to build capacity for all our campaigns.
• Participate in organization-wide planning, fundraising and campaign activities.
• Passion, commitment and determination to wage and win campaigns to stop corporate abuse.
• A fearless and resilient spirit to work hard with a team of experienced and talented staff and volunteers to alter the world’s political landscape.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• Successful experience as a full-time organizer or advocate in a progressive social change group.
• Demonstrated ability to build and mobilize a group of people around a project or campaign.
• Experience in effective grassroots fundraising.
• Enthusiasm for national travel.

Complete job announcement is available at Reply to jobs AT

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