Philosopher’s Cafe Monday

Posted on May 25, 2009


Milky WayWonderful Friends:

Good evening.  I hope you are well.  This is just a reminder for

the Philosophers’ Café tomorrow evening May 25th at Café Kathmandu

(2779 Commercial Drive, Vancouver) at 7:30 pm. Our topic is:

Is faith an absolute indicator of morality?

Reflections on religion, magic, science, and morals.

Your gracious and sagacious presence would indeed add a unique

dimension to our discourse tomorrow.  As this is our last in the

series of Cafés honouring Charles Darwin and his legacy, I am sure

many friends who may have missed the previous two sessions in the

series would find time to attend and reflect upon the many

contributions of the evolutionist thinking.  I look forward to seeing

you real soon.

See you real soon. Have pleasant evening.

With lots of love and respect,

Zahid Makhdoom