Pretty Drifted Photography by Sean Orr

Posted on May 17, 2009


PrettyDrifted by Sean Orr

PrettyDrifted by Sean Orr

BeyondRobson blogger and renegade Sean Orr has an exhibition of his photography at the new HOTEL Gallery at 165 East Hastings, next to the Balmoral Hotel.

The semiotics of the city of Vancouver; its materials and built environment, speak in a hidden language, readable to those who drift around, camera often in hand, ducking in and out of back alleys and brick buildings.

Orr has been wandering this city for a decade now after dropping out of third year geography, and has been using photography mainly as a means of understanding how the city affects his psyche, and conversely how the psyche affects the city.

This is his first solo show in four years. After switching to digital format and finding relief in the virtual gallery of Flickr, Orr recently used the online software Blurb to print a photography book.

Pretty Drifted, in bound form, will be available at the gallery for $30 and can be found online at:

More photos online:
Exhibit prints are available for $200.

Exhibition runs May 8th to May 22nd.
Daytime hours: Tuesday to Saturday Noon to 6 p.m. and by appointment
For more information please contact:
hotelobby at