Social Media Etiquette: a panel discussion May 28

Posted on May 7, 2009


Online Etiquette

Online Etiquette

Raul Pacheco, Shane Gibson, and I will be taking part in a panel discussion on social norms in social media platforms on May 28th at the monthly Blogger’s Meetup in Vancouver. The panel will be moderated by Colleen Coplick of Wantsa, and will delve into issues like why are the various behaviour codes different on different platforms, how quickly do they evolve, is there a pattern to the evolution of norms in social media, and what are some guidelines for approaching a new platform.

You know, the good stuff.

So if you’re hesistant about jumping into the wilds of Farcebook (and who could blame you) or becoming a promiscuious Twit, sign up for this month’s blogger meetup and learn, at the cost of a pint or a burger (or both, your choice) how to avoid brick-dropping faux pas.

Exact time and place will be posted on the meetup site as soon as they’re finalized.

From hummingbird604:

Rules, Norms and Web 2.0: Etiquette in an Era of Evolutionary Social [Dis]Organization

Etiquette is frequently seen as a constraining set of behavioral rules, delineating what behaviors are appropriate within a certain social arena and which are not. But in a context of online multiverses, each with its own culture and demographic, what is truly the “right” thing, and how can we know it? Culture clashes and rapid evolution of social norms are ubiquitous in social media: why? What is appropriate etiquette? Is it portable across platforms? What are the ‘right’ kind of rules and norms in an unruly arena such as the online social media world? The participants in this panel will engage in a conversation about what constitutes etiquette, whether or not it relates to a moral imperative, whether it emerges as self-appointed leaders create specific sets of norms and discuss the evolution of etiquette in emergent social media. The implications for codes of behavior and etiquette in Web 2.0 are also discussed.