Philosopher’s Cafe: Imperialism Makeover Night!

Posted on April 26, 2009


Nettwerking Groop: dey suspecks nuthing!

Nettwerking Groop: dey suspecks nuthing!

From email:

Wonderful Friends:

Good evening.  I hope you are well.  This is just a reminder for the Philosophers’ Café Monday evening April 27th at Café Kathmandu (2779 Commercial Drive, Vancouver) at 7:30 pm. Our topic is:

Could a gentler, sexier Emperor render Imperialism cool and sexy?  Could “weapons of mass destruction” be converted into sensitive, new-age, gentler, and kinder permanent peace inducing pods? Civil rights movement, the US elections of 2008 and the ascension of Barack Obama to the highest and most powerful political office in the World.

Your gracious and sagacious presence would indeed add a unique dimension to our discourse tomorrow.  I was out of town for about ten days and returned last evening from Summerland with some heavy-duty symptoms of flu, sore throat, and fever.  Unaware of what could be causing this malady and cognisant of some serious flu-related advisories being issued by Health Authorities in Canada, I think it would be wise and prudent to miss the Café tomorrow.  However, a very dear friend of mine, Dr. Haider Nizamani, has very graciously consented to moderate the session tomorrow.  Dr. Nizamani teaches political science at the SFU.  He is the author of a book on nuclear armaments and has published scores of essays and articles. I am impressed by his fair-mindedness, erudition, and graciousness.  I am sure you would enjoy meeting with him.

See you real soon. Have pleasant evening.

With lots of love and respect,

Zahid Makhdoom

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