Vancouver Blogger’s Meetup and Tech Karaoke April 8

Posted on April 7, 2009



The Vancouver Blogger’s Meetup group is an open group that meets once per month just to socialize offline as well as online. It’s a great place to meet all the people whose blogs you’ve been reading or whose posts you’ve been following on Twitter, or make friends that are more than just Facebook Friends. You can order food or drinks or just nurse a glass of water and there’s no additional cost except for $1 for the organizer to cover the cost of using the Meetup website.

Details are posted in advance on by the organizer, Raul Pacheco and if you sign up and RSVP there you can get email reminders automatically or synch it up with your Facebook or Google Calendar, which is very convenient to the disorganized among us.

For April, the Meetup is going to be from 6pm onward at Shenanigans (it was my idea; my sister was a regular there in the Eighties, so I know aaaaalllll about it for the last twenty years) because immediately after the Meetup at the same venue will be the inaugural Vancouver Tech Karaoke from Strutta and Hummingbird604.

WHAT – Inaugural Vancouver Tech Karaoke
WHERE – Shenanigan’s (Blue Horizon Hotel) – 1225 Robson Street.
WHEN – Wednesday April 8th, 2009 – Any time after 8:00pm.
WHY – Just because we like karaoke and we want you to join us.
HOW MUCH – Cover is free on Wednesdays. Isn’t it awesome?

I’m not going to be signing, but I can clap along with the best of them. And you gotta know Shani‘s will have all the hits of the Eighties. Pat Benatar FTW!

Start your preparations now:

You Are “Time After Time”

If you were transported back to the 80s, your life would be all about reflecting.

You’re a serious, earnest person – and you couldn’t help but think a lot about how things were back then.

You’d spend a lot of your time writing, researching, and learning.

You would either become a social anthropologist – or a crazy guru with a knack for predicting the future.