Philosopher’s Cafe: Social Darwinism

Posted on March 30, 2009


Rock On, Buddha!

Rock On, Buddha!

Passed along by Zahid Makdoom:

The Philosophers’ Café tomorrow evening March 30th at Café Kathmandu (2779 Commercial Drive, Vancouver) at 7:30 pm. Our topic is:

Is Social Darwinism an instrument of racist and authoritarian thought?  Is survival of the fittest an appropriate moral, social, economic, or political ethic?

Your gracious and sagacious presence would indeed add a unique dimension to our discourse tomorrow.  See you real soon. Have pleasant evening.

The Café Kathmandu is a vegetarian Nepalese restaurant on the West side of Commercial Drive, near the skytrain station around 11th avenue. I have it on good authority (Zahid is a gourmet!) that the food is excellent. These Philosopher’s Cafes are monthly events, not as far as I know associated with the ones occasionally run by SFU or the Humanist Society. There is no cost to attend, but you’re encouraged to order some food, of course.