Upcoming Blogging Courses

Posted on July 29, 2008




Blogging for Beginners: four hours, start from scratch and learn to post text, video, audio, and images. Basic copyright and blog etiquette, intro to sidebar widgets, categories, custom headers and design, and what on Earth to put IN the blog. Also where to find technical help.
This one is running August 2nd, ie this Saturday, 10-2, $150 pre-registered, and only eight four spaces left. I’ll be running it again on the 23rd.

To register, please pre-pay via the Paypal button in the top right-hand corner of the blog. Paypal will give you a receipt and I will email you one as well. If you are registering for the August 2nd course, please email bloggingclasses AT gmail DOT com in advance to make sure the class is not sold out.

Pimp My Blog is practical tips and tools for increasing your readership and influence, and applies to any blogging platform (with the exception of Tumblr, which is really only good for talking to the voices inside your head in my opinion). It includes a very basic intro to social media like Facebook and Myspace for promotion. I’ll be teaching this one on Saturday, August 9th. This is a $150 course, also from 10-2. There are only eight places in each session. I’ll be running it again on Saturday, August 30th.

Last: Vacation Blogging (I should have done this in June!). Covers what to do with all those photos and all those memories to keep them fresh forever. It’s basically Blogging for Beginners, with added talk about mobile posting and internet cafes and photoblogging issues. FYI it’s also $150, and runs Saturday, August 16th. Six spaces, because this is going to be more personal; two are already spoken for, so if you’re thinking of signing up for this, please email me at bloggingclasses AT gmail DOT com to reserve your spot.