thinking your way to freedom

Posted on August 14, 2007


Escher MirrorDoes introspection equal independence? It’s an intriguing thought, especially attractive to those of us who like to think. This very interesting blog post at Strive to Live suggests that without pausing to understand our situations, we will never get ourselves out of them, because we will not be able to see the path.


“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them” – Albert Einstein

…We all find ourselves in situations where for one reason or another, we simply do not enjoy it. We can not control it, we can not change it and most of the time, it’s not our fault. Or is it? In times like these, the problems we find ourselves facing can not be solved superficially. We must dig deep within ourselves. Take a moment of introspection and understand what your motives were, what happened to you in order to land you in the position you had found yourself in…

The author doesn’t fall for the “change your thinking and Santa will bring you a pony and you’ll get rich” fallacy that the too-literal readers of The Secret proclaim. Instead, he suggests that you can more effectively understand, and therefore both cope with and change, a situation if you deliberately set aside the time to ponder it, rather than simply enduring it and reacting on a moment-to-moment basis, thinking “well, things have to change.”

Things don’t.

You can change. And then you can change things.

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