voices from the school of hard knocks #1: David Hayden

Posted on May 10, 2007


School of hard knocksAs Valleywag reports, David Hayden has had his share of hard knocks over the past few years. From being one of the high-flying dotcom gajillionaires, he’s been reduced to selling furniture to pay bills. He, personally, is thirty million dollars in debt. And what does he have to say about it all on his blog?

The only truth in life is love. Absent is all fear, arrogance, ego, analysis. Left for us is only clarity. When we invest of ourselves for any reason other than our truth, we take ourselves further from our Source, to a place where we are almost unrecognizable to our Selves, to a place where the unreal and bizarre, the insane and the depressed, become our drivers and our reality. To truth then, may it live and flourish in our hearts, and in all we do. David Hayden

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