quiz: how ready for change are you?

Posted on April 30, 2007


Not the world’s most scientific test, but still worth a shot. If nothing else, it’s blog fodder!

To post the results in your own blog, take the test and copy the HTML the form gives you, then paste it in the HTML or Code editor. Sometimes the picture moves to the left after you post it: just go back and edit it to put it in the middle. Sometimes the line breaks disappear: go back and put in the breaks yourself and they should stay.

Here’s what I got:

You Can Change Your Life

You’ve probably already improved your life a great deal, and you’re no stranger to change.

You’re able to make very difficult changes in your life. It’s all about state of mind.

And even if you have some trouble changing, you’re smart enough to get support or take a different approach.

So go ahead and dare to make things better. You know you can do it!

Can You Change Your Life?

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